The best ways to store your digital money

Looking for the most effective way to store your digital currencies? In this article, you will get to know a lot of interesting things about the latest services to store your funds in the most convenient way for you. If you want to be confident that your funds won’t be stolen or hacked, read this article.

Today, digital assets have become popular and have been adopted by a vast audience. Many worldwide companies allow their customers to pay for their products and services by BTC and other crypto-assets. A lot of companies refuse to sell their products and services for fiat money. The wide adoption of cryptocurrencies ensures producing different wallets to hold and trade coins.

There is a huge number of wallets that lure customers with different benefits and functions. Let’s consider each of them in detail.


Do you want to be confident in the “purity” of your funds? You don’t need to use additional services to protect your funds anymore. Pay attention to AMLSafe. It’s a mobile wallet allowing to trade, exchange, send, and receive more than 1500 cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, etc. The most important advantage of this wallet is the high level of safety and reliability provided by the in-built AML-module. Due to this module, all the incoming assets are checked for “dirtiness” and involvement in illegal activities. Before digital assets come to your wallet, an in-built verification service will trace the transaction. Using this app, you will protect your funds against fraud, scams, stolen coins, assets from the dark market, etc. This crypto wallet allows you to purchase cryptocurrencies by your credit card. It’s compatible with Android and iOS.


It’s designed for experienced customers. It can boast private key encryption and 2F authentication, enabling a high level of protection against hacking attacks, thefts, and vulnerabilities. It has an in-built multi-signature feature that allows using the wallet by multiple users. In addition, it supports different hardware wallets.

It’s available to use on the mobile phone as well as on the desktop. While storing coins in the cold wallet offline, you can process transactions from the computer.

You won’t get high-quality support by using this wallet.  It’s compatible with hardware wallets. It’s not designed for customers who want to hold diverse coins because it allows storing only BTC.


It offers different options that allow installing a wallet on the smartphone or laptop or using it as a hardware device. While creating Exodus’ account, you get access to live charts and portfolio data, customer support 7 days a week, and much more. It’s created for more than 100 different crypto assets.

One of its main benefits is the partnership with Trezor. This option allows you to store your funds most reliably and trade at the Exodus platform. Generally speaking, this is a hybrid of hot and cold wallets due to the partnership with Trezor. However, it’s designed for more software-minded traders. One of the essential disadvantages of this wallet is high fees discharged for the use that amount to from 2 to 5 percent.


Looking for the most reliable place to store your assets before you want to sell them? Pay attention to MyCelium. It’s compatible with hardware wallets. It allows you to store BTC, ETH, ERC-20 tokens.

It was designed in 2008, and since that time, it has provided its customers with a wide assortment of benefits. Among them, we can emphasize cold storage of crypto-assets, spending and saving accounts for BTC investors, and interoperability. The developers of crypto wallets have implemented this feature to allow sending and receiving coins through different networks and wallets.

Additional features list contains a possibility to trade your crypto assets without any additional exchanges.


This is a company offering encrypted hardware wallets with in-built secure chips. Using this cold wallet, you can store your funds most reliably. Among its main advantages, there are different types of encryption and protection against hacking attacks and thefts.

While using this device, you can store around 126 different coins. In addition, it offers 280 200 tokens. It allows backup and recovery of any assets. It’s compatible with Android. In addition, you can install it on the desktop.


One of the most easy-to-use crypto wallets is ZenGo. It’s developed for beginners in the cryptocurrency world. It’s compatible with iOS as well as Android. A huge number of wallets require a seed phrase that consists of 12-24 words in order to restore your private key.  ZenGo allows using biometric scanners installed on smartphones to provide users with a high level of security. Using this wallet, you can purchase and buy diverse cryptocurrencies. This feature allows using an app for beginners and intermediate users.


If you are interested in the highly secured storage of your digital assets on the hardware device, Cobo’s best choice. While using Cobo, you can store different cryptocurrencies, including LTC, ETH, BTC, etc. It has an in-built EAL 5+ Secure Element and QR code to protect its users against vulnerabilities.

However, while choosing Pro or Ultimate plans, you get a unique feature that provides customers with the self-destruct mechanism. If your assets are threatened to be stolen, this mechanism will help delete all the information from your device automatically.

It allows holding more than 30 cryptocurrencies and 700 tokens.

The main disadvantage of this wallet is the high fees. A simple version costs $119, a version for professionals costs $169, and an advanced version costs $479.

Wasabi wallet

It’s compatible with all the most popular OS. This is a high-quality hot wallet that you can install for free. With this wallet, your digital assets are protected against the involvement of third parties.

This feature increases the level of security. It allows avoiding the risk of stolen crypto assets. You can install it on any desktop device. However, it’s not available to set up on iOS and Android.

The main benefits list of this wallet includes a high level of privacy that protects it from the involvement of third parties.

Shift Crypto

If you are an ultimate newbie, it’s designed for you. Using it, you can use your funds offline without the possibility to trade your assets. It’s designed for the storage of more than 1 500 different digital assets. However, there is an edition designed exceptionally for BTC.


In conclusion, there is a huge number of high-quality wallets for allowing you to store and trade your digital assets. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. You can choose the most suitable for you. If you are looking for the most сross functional wallet, you need to pay attention to the Exodus wallet. If you are an ultimate beginner and looking for an easy-to-use cryptocurrency wallet, you should choose the Shift Crypto wallet. If you want to use the most reliable hardware crypto wallet, then select Cobo. If you want to protect your cryptocurrencies against “dirty” transactions, then pay attention to the AMLSafe wallet with an in-built AML-verification service.