Invite friends and get tokens

Invite friends through your personal referral link and receive 50 UFI as a gift. Your friends will receive 100 UFI as a gift after registration. Cool, isn't it?
Invite friends and get tokens

How does it work?

Step 1

Send an invitation

Generate your own referral link and send it to friends

Send an invitation
Step 2

Get a 50 UFI gift

When your invited friend registers an account, you will receive a 50 UFI bonus and your friend will receive 100 UFI.

Get a 50 UFI gift
More than <nobr><span>200,000 UFI</span></nobr>

More than 200,000 UFI

We have already given more than 200,000 UFI to our users for inviting friends to AML Safe. More friends - more UFI!

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How many friends can I invite?
You can invite an unlimited number of friends and get UFI tokens for each registered user through your link.
When will I get my UFI?
The withdrawal of accrued UFI bonus tokens to the UFI AMLSafe wallet occurs at the end of each month.
How do I know if a friend has registered?
You can find the number of registered friends in the application on the referral program page.
What can I do with my UFIs?
You can stake your UFI on and receive an attractive APY. Learn more about farming campaign here.
What is UFI?
UFI is the inherent currency for each operation within our partner project - the PureFi Protocol. PureFi, the one-stop decentralized compliance protocol for Web3 that preserves user anonymity through ZK-Proofs.